Red Relished Apple Necklace

This necklace is from the 'Until the Daybreak' collection. The apple necklace has three different versions and two sizes within the collection.

The Resin Necklace 

The first necklace is made from hand carved and hand painted resin featuring a hidden Cubic Zirconia worm and completed on a silver chain necklace, available in three different finishes, with a JdL signature fob detail at the back.

~ Approx height of apple with scroll top: 65mm
~ Approx width of the apple with scroll top: 35mm

**Please Note: When choosing your resin necklace below, the material for this product only relates to the necklace chain options. Sterling Silver Oxidised Finish Chain, Sterling Silver Polished Finish Chain and Sterling Silver plated with 18ct YG/RG Chain.

The Original Necklace

The second version is enameled red, made from solid silver, finished with a hidden black diamond worm within the apple, also on a beautiful chain with JdL signature fob detail at the back and plated in a variety of finishes. There are two sizes of this necklace.

~ Approx height of apple with scroll top: 65mm
~ Approx width of the apple with scroll top: 35mm

The Mini Necklace

The same 'original necklace' in mini size.

~ Approx height of the apple with scroll top: 50mm
~ Approx width of the apple with scroll top: 25mm

All of the apple pendants move freely along the chain and an additional jump ring is provided 2 or 3 inches from the end of each chosen length, to shorten if necessary.

Please select from the drop down menu, below, your desired chain length:  16/18 inches or 22/26 inches.

All pieces come beautifully packaged in JdL signature vintage style packaging.

*Please note each piece is lovingly hand made to order, therefore a delivery time of two weeks is estimated.




Please choose your size for rings and bracelets from the drop down menu. If you think you require a smaller or larger size  or if you are unsure about your size, please contact the Jewellery Shop

If you need assistance when selecting your ring size please refer to the JdL Ring Sizer as a guide.




Most of Jessica's jewellery offers an element of personalisation which transforms your pieces into something unique and special. 

For engraving enquiries please use the contact form here.


 At JdL More is More!  If you would like to add your own flourish to an existing JdL piece, why not add more seals.  Prices are between £67 and £95. For this option simply add a note at checkout and Jessica will contact you.


Jessica is well known for her signature hand-stamped wax seals.  The seals above offer a guide to the approximate seal size and also their relation to each other.  All of Jessica's collections offer a various size of seal, below you will see the sizes that feature within these individual collections.  An approximate seal size is also found within the 'Detail' description tab.  Please note that as all pieces are individually hand stamped they are therefore unique.

Petite Collections: 0.6mm 0.8mm

As Above So Below: 16mm 25mm

Across the Waters: 16mm 22mm

Mini Love Story: 16mm

Love Story: 22mm 25mm 30mm

Edith Mary Baldwin: 14mm 22mm 45mm 

Gladys Joyce Bowden: 16mm 22mm 


Below you will find examples of the plating options available for Jessica's jewellery.  If you need any assistance, please contact the JdL Jewellery Shop.

1. Hallmarked Sterling Silver plated with 18ct Yellow Gold

2. Hallmarked Sterling Silver, Polished Finish plated with centre symbol 18ct Yellow Gold.

3. Hallmarked Sterling Silver, Oxidised Finish

4. Solid 9ct, 18ct, and 22ct Gold

5. Solid 9ct, 18ct and 22 Rose Gold


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